Library and Archive of Galicia

The building of the Library and Archive of Galicia houses these two independent entities.

The Library of Galicia is the flagship of Galicia's library system. Its mission is to assemble, preserve and disseminate Galicia's bibliographical heritage, enabling access to it, either in person or virtually. It is a key element for activities related to books, reading and libraries, and the dissemination of Galician culture is one of its main aims. Besides, it is the legal deposit of all the publications edited in Galicia, having at least one copy of all of them in its installations. 

The cultural legacy donated by Isaac Díaz Pardo, Seoane’s engravings, Basilio Losada’s library, Carlos Casares’ works, or the most complete cartography of Galicia are part of the collection opened to all the citizens.

The Archive of Galicia, as the flagship and centre of reference of of Galicia’s archive system, is aimed at receiving, keeping and rendering available to citizens every public or prívate document in any format that should be preserved due to their value. Besides, it also keeps the documents issued by the activities of the Xunta de Galicia and its dependencies, ensuring access for citizens.

With a wide Reading room, a powerful wifi network and a service of digital query, the Library and Archive of Galicia is opened to the users as a study area but also as a place to attend to different events: from concerts to audiovisual projections or workshops. A function that is complemented  with the auditorium available at the building, with capacity for 120 people.