Project proposals

Documents required

Every individual or collective that want to send their ideas and their cultural proposals to the Foundation for the City of Culture of Galicia, can do it through this site.

The proposals submitted should have been designed specifically for Gaias' spaces, both in form and content. Every person or collective can submit only two proposals that should be written in Galician language, Spanish or English, and should enclose the following documentation:

  • Project form:
    • Project name
    • Type of project
    • Name of the company / individual
    • Contact data: address + telephone no + email
  • Information about the project development, with a maximum of 20 pages and 5 Mb in PDF format
  • Itemised project budget
  • Brief professional review of the person or collective in charge of the project

Any proposal sent via regular mail shall not be accepted.

The participation in this process implies the acceptance of the terms and methodology stated. The proposals that do not meet the required conditions will be excluded from the process.

Evaluation of proposals

The Cultural Action Department collects the proposals received, classifying them and creating the corresponding technical reports. The Project Evaluation Committee has a meeting every three months to evaluate the proposals submitted; the written resolutions are sent to the person in charge of every project (regardless the project has been selected or not).  

In this evaluating process it is taken into account only the information submitted by the individual or the collective. In spite of that, the Foundation reserves the right to get into contact with the person responsible of the project in order to get a deeper knowledge of the project or to solve any possible doubt.