Lake Park

Lake Park is one of the three green areas of the Gaiás Museum, together with the Galicia’s Forest (Bosque de Galicia) and the Literary Garden (Xardín Literario). This space of 51,163 square meters is dedicated to enjoy nature and it is located on the Gaiás hillside next to Mount O Viso. This idea was born as a landscape regeneration project directed by the architect Isabel Aguirre, principal of the Escola Galega da Paisaxe  belonging to Juana de Vega Foundation.

This green area has a lake of 4,783 square meters, surrounded by already existing vegetation and a wooden platform equipped with benches, as well as a lighting system with low consumption led strips. The park also boasts an oak forest turned into leisure space with tables, benches and typical sports elements of a running circuit. In addition, visitors can explore it through a pathways network that allows to enjoy the park and which facilitates its connection with the Cidade da Cultura and its access from O Viso.