Sports track BMX cycling

The Gaiás has a sports track for the practice of BMX cycling among its areas dedicated to leisure and outdoor sports. It is a 400-meter-long circuit with a medium degree of difficulty that can be attractive to users with different skill levels.

The sports track is on an artificial hill on the southern face of Gaiás mountain. Despite not being an official race track, it complies with the safety rules of the International Cycling Union's Guide to BMX tracks.

The circuit has straight sections, bends, elevations and a rough surface.

The minimum age for using the track is 14 years old. Children must use it under the supervision of an adult.




  • The best option if you are coming by bike is from the Street Diego Bernal, up the trails of the Bosque de Galicia.
  • From the 'Campo do Gaiás' — parking area. This area has more car traffic, because of the link with the motorway.
  • Around the Hejduk Towers. It has pedestrian access.