Juan Navarro

A renowned architect, Navarro received his first training in design and painting at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts as well as at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Madrid.

He is the author of several projects such as the Museum and Research Centre for the Caves of Altamira, the buildings for the Presidency and four regional Departments of the Junta de Extremadura, as well as the extension to the Library at the Woolworth Music Centre in Princeton. He has also been awarded the National Prize for Fine Arts in 1990.

An artist, architect and painter, Juan Navarro teaches from his position as professor of Architectural Projects at the School of Architecture in Madrid.

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Proposta para a Cidade da Cultura


The site is modelled into terraces that adapt perfectly to the natural contours of the terrain. In the project, the parts are laid out crossing and surrounding the site, fixing levels, horizontal markings that extend across the ensemble indicating that which is artificial as the elements that unite the topography.

The shape in general surrounds the hill and its section adapts to the inclination of the slopes. This line is broken to create several episodes that are interspersed with wooded areas. Such a fragmentation intends to ensure proper scaling as well as to facilitate accessibility and communication with the areas within and without the ring thus conformed.

The structure of large glass and concrete parts is made up of a series of porticoes, placed every 25 metres, connected by very tall, narrow-section beams (3 metres x 0.4 metres) acting as internal parasols. The inclination is defined by the orientation of the pavilions and the programme that they host. The graduated glass roofing introduces controlled lighting, bathing the inner spaces and rooms with attractive luminosity.

The hilltop of Mount Gaiás remains free, planted with lawns and furnished with benches to provide a privileged vantage point from where to sit and contemplate the city.

A curved bridge-cum-mirador flies over the Galician woodland in the valley of Viso providing a vantage point to contemplate, from near and far, the undulating, sinuous earth. This observatory allows to admire nature undisturbed by the visitor. In these woods, yew, holm oak, sweet chestnut and pine act as a dress to cover the sloping surface that is seen from above.