Gaiás Centre Museum

Destined to be an architectural referent of the 21st century, the Gaiás Centre Museum is one of the most singular, useful buildings of the City of Culture, which aspires to become the most important exhibition centre in Galicia.

Its spectacular façade, its 43 metres of height, and its surface of more than 16,000 square metres, allow the Gaiás Centre Museum to offer formative, educational activities that turn it into an active centre in continuous renewal.

The Museum has a surface for exhibitions of 6.600 square metres, divided into three plants to host temporary exhibitions of profound importance and installations that because of their magnitude could not be exhibited in other cultural centres of Galicia.

Culture, in its wider, inclusive conception, will be the protagonist of this space that will integrate all the artistic, humanistic, creative demonstrations. Always in cooperation with the cultural framework and within the museum network of Galicia, in order to settle synergies and tight bonds with international entities to face projects of joint production and to enable all kind of exchanges that reinforce the global bonds of our culture.

Since January 2020, the Museum has a cafeteria-restaurant service located on the main floor, open from Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.