Meeting of Young Artists - Sept 2011

The City of Culture opens its doors to young national and international creators so they may engage in a constructive dialogue on contemporary art. The cultural complex thus becomes the scene where to exchange and reflect upon the essential aspects of artistic creation, and upon others more specifically related to building a work of art and giving it projection into the real world.

The aims are:

  • To journey through, and discuss the current situation of Contemporary Art
  • To provide a space to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas.
  • To provide the participants with a place to access directly consolidated artists and their works.
  • To introduce the participants to the major infrastructures in Galicia devoted to contemporary art.

With a view to foster a convivial meeting, the necessary condition is to obtain one of the 100 scholarships announced by the Foundation for the City of Culture to help young artists open up new ways of disseminating their works and offer them a space for knowledge, reflection and exchange of ideas. Besides, the program includes an “Open Forum”, where 30 young creators are provided the opportunity to exhibit their own art projects to the public.


Every day there will also be lectures delivered by renowned figures linked to Contemporary Art, to enrich the knowledge of the young creators.

In the first edition, the highlights are Art historian Rafael Doctor Roncero and Ignacio Santos Cidrás, director of Cultural Action at the City of Culture; Miguel von Hafe, director of the Galician Center for Contemporary Art (CGAC); David Barro, independent commissioner and director of the publishing company Dardo-ds; and Iñaki Martínez Antelo, director of the Museum of Contemporary art of Vigo (MARCO).

We would like to welcome the participants who will be involved in this annual project within the framework of actions organized by the Foundation for the City of Culture destined to dynamize artistic activities in Galicia.